Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jinxed it

I definitely spoke too soon when I said Ella's pain was manageable.  In my head I thought it was crazy that she didn't need major pain meds only days after getting her jaw broken and a metal device put in.  But, then I just thought maybe we got lucky or maybe she has an insane tolerance for pain...boy I was in for another rude awakening.  Starting Tuesday she became extremely irritable to the point of being inconsolable.  During the night out of the blue she was thrashing kicking and punching, throwing her body this way and that...not at all typical of Ella.  Tylenol and Motrin were just not cutting it; we had to go back on the narcotics.  And while she was a completely different baby after that, she did not appreciate the side effects that soon followed.  It's a double edged sword - you either give the meds and suffer the icky side effects or you let her endure pain and truthfully I'm not sure what is worse :(.  To top it off her pin sites have not shown improvement.  They have become increasingly red and now are oozing yellow - never a good sign.  We saw Dr. Matthews today and he gave us a special spray to put on them, but said that we may soon have to put her back on antibiotics to prevent infection from going into the bone.  So between the pain from the pin turning and thus bone spreading and the skin inflammation around the pins she is not a happy camper.  When the meds are fully kicked in she has her good moments (see pics below), however we know very well when they are starting to wear off.  Erik and I are so inspired by her and honestly amazed that she doesn't hate us yet.  All day long we have to do crumby things to her and somehow someway she still manages to crack a smile or give us a smoochy kiss.  Ella is going through so much and though she has definitely become more feisty since the surgery it has not dampened her spirit.  She is like the mayor here at Ronald McDonald with visitors and guests alike gathering around her and responding to her every sign.  It's funny because even though they don't know sign language they still figure out exactly what she wants them to do.  Ella even has a dance buddy, Noah.  The two of them are shaking their booties throughout the house and the more he does it the more she is absolutely hilarious.  The other night she didn't want to come up to our room, and Noah piped in and said "She can sleep in my room tonight."  Erik put the breaks on that one right away.  Then Noah asked if he and Ella could email each other and Erik said yes, but her daddy will be screening the emails  The Ronald McDonald house has been wonderful.  Ella gets to be around other kids and we get a cozy and welcoming environment.  It is especially great to be in a place where people understand what you're going through, but we are looking forward to seeing familiar faces soon.  

Anyway, I'm gonna run to catch some rest while I can.  Thank you for all your encouraging emails and comments and of course all of your prayers.  Please continue to pray for Ella's pain to be controlled and her pin sites to heal.  And if you could throw in one for sleep for Erik and I that would be wonderful too ;).  

Love and God bless,

Chillaxin after Codeine

 Ella and Noah

Ella and Katie

Our sweet lil kittie 

Frying up an elephant...yummy


  1. Hi Guys,

    Ella you look wonderful. I am sorry to hear about your pain but as the days tick by you get one more step closer to being pain free. Maybe Motrin can help the codeine along?

    Your little friend Noah looks like a lot of fun. Keep dancing!!! I am really glad Ronald McDonald House is a fun place for you. I will pray that your pin redness does not progress. Kisses to you Ella.

    Parents, rest is your friend. Somehow I don't think you need me to tell you that. I think of you all every day and I'm pleased that in general things are going relatively well.

    Keep enjoying the warmth. We are going to get a big storm in NY today. Monica

  2. Hi Nina, Erik and Ella,

    I think about you guys every day and keep you in my prayers. I look every day for an update on your blog to see how it's going. I love the pictures, especially with friends...but I can also appreciate that those moments are not long lasting. I'm sorry she's still in pain and has that continued redness at her pin sites...I will pray for her pain to lessen and her pin sites to continue to improve. And I will pray mom and dad get their rest :)...Hugs to you...Cheryl

  3. These are the cutest pics! Despite Ellas pain and condition she looks like she is making friends and trying to keep in good spirits! Miss you guys, We will facetime this week.

  4. Dear Ella - No matter what you are going through, you ALWAYS have a sense of confidence in your eyes. You are teaching so many of us about what is truly important in life...We will continue to envision powerful beautiful healing energy around you...Mommy and Daddy love you so so very much and you have lots and lots of people praying for your recovery sweet little one!!! xoxo Olivia & Family

  5. I pray for Ella and you and Erik always. I look forward to the blog to see how she is progressing. God will continue to give you all the strength you need. Much love, Aunt Jodi

  6. Hey Nina, So sorry Ella has been suffering with the pain and the pin sites, I'll keep praying for all of you. Thanks so much for the blog updates, I look every day to see how things are going. I love the pictures but that Noah has a sneaky twinkle in his eyes, lol. I don't blame Erik for watching the little Romeo with his princess! Again, if you need anything at all just e-mail or call! Will keep praying, I know they work. Monica

  7. Hi Ella, (Nina and Erik too),

    Thanks for keeping us all updated on your progress. You look so great in these pictures. I can't wait for the day when you can feel pain-free and smile like this all the time. Until then, know that so many of us love you. We are all trying to take the pain away through our prayers. Let's FaceTime
    or ichat soon. xoxo stephanie

  8. Thanks for the update, we'll be praying that Ella's pain is better controlled. Agata never wanted to go back to the room either, social butterflies :) Please say "Hi" to Katie's family for us, Katie was born when we were there and we met her family. We'll see you in a couple of days. Krystyna

  9. God Bless this special little girl. I have prayed for her since the day I saw her on FB. I will continue to keep her in my prays. She is adorable...
    Love Beatrice Zasowski

  10. The kitty picture always makes me smile!! Missing you so much my little best friend. I can't wait till you come home so we can brush our teethe and dance for hours!! Love you <33