Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's over...thank God

Ella's surgery was long and difficult, taking nearly 5 and a half hours today.  It was completely agonizing for Erik and I.  The surgeon said that since her opening is very tiny it made it all the more difficult placing the distractors.  We had a good surprise though...after breaking her jaw, he was able to get into her mouth with enough room to close her cleft palate.  We were extremely happy with this as it will make for one less surgery down the road.  He said some of her muscles were strong, some were weak, and one didn't move at we'll just have to see what that means for swallowing in the future. 

What we are not so happy about is how much pain this little one is in.  She is on morphine and dilaudid around the clock, but is still very uncomfortable.  She keeps crying, wimpering, and signing to me she has an owie on her mouth and where the IV is placed.  Her face is swollen and the doctor said we can expect the swelling to increase until day 3, then it usually starts to come down.  It is breaking our hearts to see her in this much pain so I just ask you all to pray for her comfort and that this all becomes a distant memory to her.  Erik and I feel horrible though we know it was the best decision for her.  I just hope she forgives us :(.  She already is giving me these awful stares, but not to Erik of course...Daddies always get a pass from their little girls.  

Hoping and praying for a better tomorrow...

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your love, prayers, and support. 



  1. YAY!!!! for Ella. And double YAY!! for that cleft palate. Ella will forgive you and in 48-72hrs things will be ALOT better. Thinking of you......Monica

  2. Michele scalamandreApril 11, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    My poor baby. I'm saying extra prayers for her. She will definitely forget everything that she has gone through in no time! you have done the best thing for her. I hope that you all get some rest tonight. Hugs and kisses , The Scals

  3. Oh poor Ella, but so happy the surgery went well and they were able to close her cleft. She is on the road to recovery and I know each day she will be feeling better and back to herself. You guys made the right decision and this will all be a distant memory to her soon . Your in my thoughts and prays. Nicole z

  4. Hang in there! We love you and will keep you in our thoughts.

  5. Ohhhh...wish we could all take the pain away, but it will lessen and she'll be on the road to recovery soon. Good news about being able to close her less surgery...Yeah!! I was thinking of her all day and waiting for an thoughts and prayers will continue for you all. Cheryl

  6. So happy the surgery went well! Take it one day at a time...she will find the strength and so will you! We will keep the prayers and well wishes coming..xo

  7. Wow brings back memories of Peyton's first distraction - best wishes on her recovery and the doctor's controlling her pain.

  8. Nina,

    I think of you often and I pray that you and your family stay strong. She is so precious!
    Love Always,
    Karen Pagano

  9. So much love and prayers being sent to Ella (and her mommy & daddy)...we love you and send you all the positive light in the universe! xoxo Jose, Liv, Jake & Sadie